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only, single; alone

only, unique alone, only, sole, solitary

only only

(adj.) = unique ; one-of-a-kind ; unique unto itself ; once in a lifetime ; extraordinary.
Ex: The basic requirement of a shelf arrangement system is that each document has a unique place in the sequence.
Ex: Join leading experts in cultural heritage informatics for a one-of-a-kind learning experience.
Ex: Their problem, Waikart concluded, 'was unique unto itself'.
Ex: The article 'Once in a lifetime: a student at Conference' presents a student's view of the Library Association's Centenary Conference, 1977.
Ex: Having entered the next state and a highway off the turnpike, he was amazed by the extraordinary flatness of the land, especially in contrast to the hilly terrain he had grown up with back home.
* el único = the one and only.
* el único e incomparable = the one and only.
* el único e inimitable = the one and only.
* experiencia única = experience of a lifetime.
* hacer único = individualise [individualize, -USA].
* oportunidad única en la vida, una = chance of a lifetime, the.
* ser lo único que + poder + hacer para = be all + Nombre + can + do to.
* ser único = be one of a kind ; be one in a million.
* ser único en su especie = be one of a kind ; be one in a million.
* ser único en su género = be one of a kind ; be one in a million.
* sistema en el que el documento aparece representado en un único lugar del ín = one-place system.
* término que representa un único concepto = one concept term.
* un centro único = one stop shop.
(adj.) = all-through ; distinctive ; only ; rare ; single ; sole ; unitary ; one-time ; single-source ; flat.
Ex: An all-through system of bibliographic control based on once-only generated short, reasonably accurate and quickly produced records is more appropriate than the present duplicated efforts.
Ex: In addition to main or added entries under titles added entries are often also made in respect of distinctive series titles.
Ex: Clearly, the only totally adequate indication of the content of a document is the text of the document in its entirety.
Ex: In practice critical abstracts are rare, and certainly do not usually feature in published secondary services.
Ex: Equally important was the desire to achieve a single text.
Ex: Mainframe computers are rarely dedicated to the library's own sole application, unless the library concerned happens to be a national library, offering online access to its data bases to a wide audience.
Ex: The British unitary system of government impeded local efforts and a spirit of voluntarism.
Ex: Appropriate system planning to eliminate 'holes,' segregation of public and administrative networks, programming security 'firewalls,' and assignment of one-time passwords all help in networked computing security.
Ex: Discussion centred around the need for a single-source guide to collection management and electronic media.
Ex: The company also offers a flat $50 trade-in allowance on major encyclopedias from other publishers.
* antología de un único autor = omnibus.
* asiento único = unit entry.
* autor personal único = single personal authorship.
* catálogo de asiento único = unit entry catalogue.
* cuota única = flat one-time fee.
* custodia única = sole custody.
* de una única palabra = single-word.
* ejemplar único = singleton.
* el único problema = a fly in the soup ; the fly in the ointment.
* hecho para una única ocasión = one shot.
* hijo único = an only child.
* la única pega = the fly in the ointment ; a fly in the soup.
* mercado único = single market.
* Mercado Unico Europeo = Single European Market.
* moneda única = single currency.
* pago único = one-time purchase ; lump sum.
* pago único y bien grande = fat lump sum.
* postura única = unified voice.
* ser un único pago = be a once-only payment.
* servicio de única ventanilla = one-stop service.
* sistema de entrada única = single entry system.
* una única fuente para Algo = one-stop ; one-stop shopping ; one stop shop.
* única fuente = single-source.

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