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unite, join, link, connect; mate; incorporate; interlock


join, to

to unite

(v.) = aggregate ; bridge ; connect ; join together ; link ; marry ; string ; unite ; confound ; piece together ; weld into/together ; splice ; bundle ; pool ; band ; bind + Nombre + together ; knit ; knit ; federate ; conjoin ; cement ; bind ; string together.
Ex: You have attempted to aggregate the UDC class number incorrectly.
Ex: BLAISE offers a variety of services bridging the cataloguing and information retrieval functions.
Ex: Plainly, it is not always the case that there is a connection between farming and spelling, and many other documents can be identified where these subjects are not connected.
Ex: A portfolio is a container for holding loose materials, e.g. paintings, drawings, papers, unbound sections of a book, and similar materials, consisting of two covers joined together at the back.
Ex: These references operate in a similar fashion whether they are used to link authors' names or subject headings.
Ex: At that time OCLC was already going strong, and we tried to find some backing from the State of New York and possibly from the federal government to marry those two systems.
Ex: There is no question of stringing together simple concepts in a preferred citation order to produce a single index description of the summarized subject content of a document.
Ex: It has become increasingly difficult to unite both categories in one union and demands for a trade union of library employees have been raised.
Ex: The confounding of opposites is also common though, again, care has to be taken to see that we do not confound two subjects on which extensive literature exists.
Ex: During his stay in Laputa, Captain Gulliver was very impressed by a book-writing machine which produced fragments of sentences which were dictated to scribes and later pieced together.
Ex: The Department of Trade and Industry has undergone many changes over the years; it has been split into two separate departments and welded together again.
Ex: A filmloop is a short length of film enclosed in a cassette and with the end of the film spliced on to the beginning so that it requires no rewinding.
Ex: CD-ROM products that combine, or bundle, related information services will be at the forefront because of their usefulness to end-users.
Ex: The results of two studies of the way reference librarians work were pooled to provide an understanding of the important features necessary in software for computerized reference work.
Ex: The author advises banding retention policies to focus on a few clear options.
Ex: People value the public library highly as an educational and community resource and the library acts as an 'information junction' to bind the community together.
Ex: I want to knit that to another Internet format, which is the Web log -- the 'blog'.
Ex: I want to knit that to another Internet format, which is the Web log -- the 'blog'.
Ex: The usefulness of the many online periodicals and scientific digital libraries that exist today is limited by the inability to federate these resources through a unified interface.
Ex: The grotesque is an effect achieved by conjoining disparate framents which do not realistically belong together.
Ex: An in-house bulletin may serve to cement firm relationships with the library's personnel.
Ex: Hot-melt glue is useful for binding a variety of craft materials including wood, metal, plastic.
Ex: If you can't string together a few solid rhymes, you can't be a rapper.
* conseguir unir = rally.
* si no puedes con el enemigo, únete a él = if you can't beat them (you might as well) join them.
* si no puedes con ellos, únete a ellos = if you can't beat them (you might as well) join them.
* si no puedes vencerlos, únetes a ellos = if you can't beat them (you might as well) join them.
* unir a = tie (to) ; couple with.
* unir esfuerzos = join + hands.
* unir fuerzas = join + forces (with) ; pool + forces.
* unir inextricablemente = interweave.
* unir mediante espigas = tenon.
* unir mediante hiperenlaces = hotlink [hot-link].
* unir mediante mortaja = mortise.
* unirse = come together ; partner ; bond ; stand up as + one.
* unirse a = ally with ; join ; hop on ; join + Posesivo + ranks.
* unirse a Alguien = string along.
* unirse al ejército = join + the army.
* unirse a una conversación = chime in ; join + a conversation.
* unirse en matrimonio = tie + the knot.
* unir sin solapar = butt together.
* volverse a unir a = rejoin.
(v.) = come together ; partner ; bond ; stand up as + one.
Ex: A co-operative group may come together to generate a union catalogue. Ex: The article 'Let's partner as patriots' maintains that in recent years some people have begun to view the public library as an anachronism. Ex: This encourages students to quickly bond with each other at the beginning of the program. Ex: The really good news is that we can stand up as one and that all we have to do is make a noise about it.

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