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urbanization; housing development; development; industrialization


(n.) = urbanisation [urbanization, -USA] ; estate ; housing development ; housing estate ; housing complex.
Ex: The acceleration of change, in technology, in mobility, in urbanization, in international relations, in economics, all have affected libraries.
Ex: The Clifton branch serves an estate that is rather cut off from the rest of the city of Nottingham.
Ex: The mobile visits 24 sites on a weekly basis, serving communities and housing developments some distance from static service points.
Ex: Libraries formed a major part of the reconstruction of Poland after World War II and they are to be found in such diverse places as housing estates and office blocks.
Ex: Roughly 3 percent of all persons aged 70 and older in 1993 were living in housing complexes for the elderly.
* urbanización de viviendas sociales = council estate.
* urbanización privada = private estate.

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