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enamelware, utensils coated with enamel (smooth and glossy coating)
tool, utensil



(v.) = gear.
Ex: The library is now the greatest treasure house of whaling fact and lore in the world with its collection of logbooks, maps, photographs, manuscripts and whaling gear = Ahora la biblioteca ahora es la mayor fuente inagotable del mundo de datos y tradiciones sobre la caza de ballenas con su colección de diarios de navegación, mapas, fotografías, manuscritos y herramientas para la caza de ballenas. (n.) = utensil ; implement ; gadget.
Ex: Chinese bronze utensils have been unearthed that not only provide data on China's ancient metallurgy, but also have inscriptions that are archival in nature.
Ex: Object language comprises all intentional and non-intentional display of material things, such as implements, machines, art objects, architectural structures, and last but not least, the human body and whatever clothes cover it.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Exhibits in the American Pavilion at the 1958 Brussels World's Fair: women's clothing, men's gadgets, hot dogs and haute couture'.
* objetos y utensilios de escritura = stationery.
* utensilio de cocina = kitchen utensil ; cooking utensil.
* utensilio para ayudar a caminar = walking aid.
* utensilio para cortar = cutting tool.
* utensilio para servir = serving utensil.
* utensilios = gear.
* utensilios de cocina = kitchenware.
* utensilios de jardinería = garden implements.
* utensilios de plata = silverware.
* utensilios eléctricos = electrical appliances ; appliances.
* utensilios para la cocina = cookware.

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