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utilize, put to practical use; take advantage of

it uses

(v.) = adopt ; deploy ; employ ; enlist ; exploit ; handle ; harness ; help + Reflexivo ; rely on/upon ; take in + use ; tap ; use ; utilise [utilize, -USA] ; find + Posesivo + way (a)round/through + Complemento ; draw on/upon ; bring to + bear ; build on/upon ; make + use of ; leverage ; mobilise [mobilize, -USA] ; play + Nombre + along.
Ex: The concept of corporate authorship was first formulated in the BM code and has been adopted in all subsequent English language codes.
Ex: The article presents the results of trials in which the model was deployed to classify aspects of the construction industry, such as construction norms and regulations.
Ex: The size of the collections in which the LCC is currently employed is likely to be a significant factor in its perpetuation.
Ex: Capital letters, and various punctuation symbols eg :,(),' may be enlisted as facet indicators.
Ex: The Library of Congress List of Subject Headings (LCSH) can be exploited as a general index, since it shows LCC numbers for many of the headings listed.
Ex: An author's name is usually shorter than a title, and thus is arguably easier to handle and remember.
Ex: When computers were first harnessed for information retrieval and cataloguing applications, the information retrieval systems, and some of the cataloguing systems developed in different environments.
Ex: There was a need for more basic information materials, i.e. laymen's guides, so that people could help themselves.
Ex: When BNB began publication in 1950 it relied upon the fourteenth edition of DC.
Ex: The last 3 years while grants were available saw a rise in loans, readers and outreach services, a controversial stock revision and scrapping were carried out and a PC was taken in use.
Ex: It must be pointed out, however, that the potential for online catalogs to increase library staff productivity has hardly been tapped.
Ex: A study of bibliographic classification could concentrate solely upon the major, and some of the more minor bibliographic classification schemes used today.
Ex: Clearly both tools record controlled indexing languages, but they are utilised in different environments.
Ex: Those familiar with conventional lists of subject headings will have no difficulty in finding their way around a typical thesaurus.
Ex: Bay's essay was produced to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Gesner's birth and draws upon a mass of contemporary source material.
Ex: For such a task the librarian is particularly well fitted by his professional education: bringing to bear the great analytical power of classification should be second nature to him.
Ex: The system should build on existing resources, rather than develop expensive new programmes.
Ex: The example search in figure 8.3 shows how the statements in an online search make use of Boolean logic operators.
Ex: Information seeking in electronic environments will become a collaboration among end user and various electronic systems such that users leverage their heuristic power and machines leverage algorithmic power.
Ex: It is time for all librarians to change their attitudes and become involved, to seek funds and mobilise civic organisations and businesses in cooperative efforts.
Ex: Dennis played her along until she decided to back out at which time he threatened to imprison her unless she paid up $2 million.
* confeccionar utilizando un modelo = model.
* empezar a utilizarse = come into + use.
* introducción de datos utilizando un teclado = keypunching.
* persona que no utiliza la biblioteca = non-library user.
* poder utilizarse = be usable.
* que utiliza el tiempo como variable = time-dependent.
* que utiliza muchos recursos = resource-intensive.
* utilizar al máximo = stretch + Nombre + to the limit.
* utilizar al máximo por medio del ordenador = explode.
* utilizar el dinero sabiamente = spend + wisely ; spend + Posesivo + money wisely.
* utilizar el ordenador = operate + computer.
* utilizar en contra = set against.
* utilizar la red = go + online.
* utilizar las ideas de (Alguien) = draw on/upon + Posesivo + ideas.
* utilizar los conocimientos de Uno = put + Posesivo + knowledge to work.
* utilizar los recursos del personal propio = insource.
* utilizar + Nombre + en + Posesivo + favor = use + Nombre + to + Posesivo + advantage.
* utilizar para un fin = put to + purpose.
* utilizar poco = underutilise/under-utilise [underutilize/under-utilize, -USA].
* utilizar por primera vez = pioneer.
* utilizar recursos = mobilise + resources ; tap + resources ; tap into + resources.
* utilizarse con demasiada frecuencia = be overworked.
* utilizarse en = be at home in.
* utilizar una metodología = employ + methodology.
* utilizar un terminal = sit at + a terminal.
* volver a utilizar = recapture ; reutilise [reutilize, -USA].

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