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vacate, give up, leave (an apartment, a seat, etc.); empty, remove the contents of, make empty


(v.) = gut ; empty ; flush ; drain ; hollow out ; void.
Ex: Prices of European produced scientific, technical and medical serials continue to gut US research libraries.
Ex: When student mobilisation started in June 43, the library rooms began to empty.
Ex: The sea swept in across a newly and solidly-built bus stand to come into the river which quickly and conveniently flushed the waters back into the sea.
Ex: The garden had obviously been flooded with sea-water although now it was all drained.
Ex: The Irish President said last night that Irish society is being hollowed out by individualism.
Ex: There were, of course, serious day-to-day problems, such as the garderobes which voided into the street or the cesspools which overflowed into a neighbour's garden.
* vaciar el interior de Algo = gut.
* vaciar en = empty into.

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