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empty, vacuous, hollow, void
vacuum, emptiness, void; hiatus
vacate, give up, leave (an apartment, a seat, etc.); empty, remove the contents of, make empty

devoid, empty, frothily empty, void


hole it emptied empty

(v.) = gut ; empty ; flush ; drain ; hollow out ; void.
Ex: Prices of European produced scientific, technical and medical serials continue to gut US research libraries.
Ex: When student mobilisation started in June 43, the library rooms began to empty.
Ex: The sea swept in across a newly and solidly-built bus stand to come into the river which quickly and conveniently flushed the waters back into the sea.
Ex: The garden had obviously been flooded with sea-water although now it was all drained.
Ex: The Irish President said last night that Irish society is being hollowed out by individualism.
Ex: There were, of course, serious day-to-day problems, such as the garderobes which voided into the street or the cesspools which overflowed into a neighbour's garden.
* vaciar el interior de Algo = gut.
* vaciar en = empty into.
(n.) = gap ; gulf ; vacuum ; void ; emptiness ; loophole.
Ex: New editions will be essentially cumulations and therefore a longer gap will exist between editions.
Ex: It must be remembered that there is a gulf between publishing the schedules in an updated form, and applying the schedules.
Ex: Whilst valves work by passing electric currents through a vacuum between electrodes, transistors are built from materials called semiconductors.
Ex: If archival materials are entered into an OPAC the vague nature of collection titles and the general subject headings may result in records being lost in a void.
Ex: The economic recession and the new technology are, between them, leaving a section of society with a feeling of hopelessness and emptiness = La recesión económica y las nuevas tecnologías, entre otros, están dejando a un sector de la sociedad con un sentimiento de desesperación y vacío.
Ex: Problems in compiling these include loopholes in the legal deposit law, material which is not printed (leaflets, posters, speeches), exempted material, and excluded material.
* bomba de vacío = vacuum pump.
* caer al vacío = fall into + the void ; fall into + (empty) space.
* caída al vacío = fall into + (empty) space.
* cámara al vacío = vacuum chamber.
* empaquetar al vacío en plástico = shrink-wrap [shrinkwrap].
* envasar al vacío = vacuum-pack.
* hacer el vacío = give + Nombre + the silent treatment.
* llenar un vacío = fill + vacuum ; fill + a gap ; fill in + gap ; fill + void ; fill + the breach.
* mesa al vacío = vacuum table.
* mirar al vacío = stare into + space ; look into + space ; gaze into + space ; stare + vacantly into space ; gaze + vacantly into space ; stare + vacantly ; gaze + vacantly ; gaze + blankly ; stare + blankly.
* precipitarse al vacío = fall into + the void ; fall into + (empty) space.
* salto al vacío = a leap in the dark.
* secado y congelado al vacío = vacuum freeze drying.
* vacío informativo = information vacuum.
* vacío legal = loophole ; legal void.
(adj.) = dummy ; empty ; stop ; hollow ; vacant ; vacated.
Ex: DOBIS/LIBIS, therefore, assigns them the dummy master number zero.
Ex: When DOBIS/Leuven is ready and waiting for input, the line is empty.
Ex: Of course some terms may be difficult to categorise as stop or non-stop.
Ex: It can certainly be status-conferring to let it be known in social conversation that one has read the latest Fay Weldon book, but if the group one is in never reads Fay Weldon anyway and could not care less what she has written then the victory is a somewhat hollow one.
Ex: Again we find that only the first entry leads us to the specific subject, and the others may in fact lead us to `vacant' headings, ie headings under which no entries are filed.
Ex: There are plans to transform vacated space in the old building into a visitor's centre with exhibitions and reading rooms.
* cartucho vacío = blank ; blank shell.
* con las manos vacías = empty-handed.
* dejar frío y vacío = leave + Nombre + cold and empty.
* dejar vacío = leave + vacant.
* disparar cartuchos vacíos = fire + blanks ; shoot + blanks.
* lista de palabras vacías = stop list [stoplist] ; stopword list.
* llenar un estómago vacío = fill + an empty stomach.
* llevar una vida vacía = lead + an empty life.
* medio vacío = half-empty.
* mirada vacía = blank look ; blank expression ; blank stare.
* mirar con una expresión vacía = look + blank.
* no vacío = non-stop.
* palabra vacía = function word ; stopword [stop-word].
* referencia vacía = blind reference.
* rellenar con ceros los espacios vacíos = zero fill.
* tener una mirada vacía = look + blank.

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