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appreciation, appraisement, assessment; titration, addition of solution of known concentration to solution of unknown concentration (Chemistry)



(n.) = appraisal ; assessing ; assessment ; valuation ; rating ; evaluation rating ; valuing ; reality check ; weighting.
Nota: Valor asignado a información durante su indización o recuperación.
Ex: The notice could contain the list of the poorest performers, based on the most recent set of appraisals.
Ex: Consequently, the skill of shopping around and assessing the cost-effectiveness of a supplier's goods and services is important for the librarian to develop.
Ex: However, although the subject may be the primary consideration in the assessment of relevance, subject is not the only factor that determines whether a user wishes to be alerted to the existence of a document.
Ex: It is at least arguable that the discreditable popular image is to some extent a reflection of his own self-image, and that the sad irony of the librarian is that people have come to accept him at his own valuation.
Ex: But the rater must not be afraid to give negative ratings.
Ex: In order to make sure that no prejudice or bias influences an evaluation rating, the rating should be reviewed by the supervisor's supervisor -- the next person in the hierarchy.
Ex: In relating to client, therefore, there are fundamental conditions that need expression: unconditional positive regard from others and self-regard and valuing from the client.
Ex: This article describes the valuable role played by focus groups in providing a reality check on the usefulness of a new product or service.
Ex: In the process of the search, prior to display or printing, the computer ranks references according to their weighting.
* de valoración = judgmental [judgemental].
* hacer una valoración = make + judgement.
* valoración con estrellas = star rating.
* valoración de pertinencia = relevance judgement.

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