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various, motley, miscellaneous



= a number of ; a series of ; a variety of ; multiple ; one of a variety of ; several ; various ; sundry ; a number of different ; a plurality of ; a spectrum of.
Ex: These four types of information retrieval tools have a number of common features.
Ex: Edge notch cards have a series of holes around the perimeter.
Ex: Current trends favour cataloguing practices which can be applied to a variety of library materials.
Ex: A dual dictionary, as distinct from card-based indexes, can be produced in multiple copies.
Ex: This literature may be in one of a variety of languages.
Ex: There may be several entries per document, or merely one.
Ex: The records in a computer data bases are structured in order to suit the information that is being stored for various applications.
Ex: Many of the sources of information lack logic, despite the efforts of librarians bibliographers, indexers, and sundry compilers of reference works.
Ex: Between them, the members of the EEC speak a number of different languages: six are in regular use as operating languages within the Community.
Ex: Each consists of a plurality of signs that have a known meaning in written or oral form to a number of people.
Ex: Moreover, the medical profession encompasses a spectrum of opinions as to the efficacy, value, and danger attendant upon various regimens and courses of treatment.
* aparcamiento de vario pisos = parkade.
* aparcamiento de varios pisos = multi-storey car park.
* atendido por varias personas = multi-staffed.
* a varios niveles = multilevel [multi-level] ; at varying levels ; many-levelled [many-leveled, -USA].
* búsqueda de varios ficheros a la vez = multi-file searching.
* colección en varios volúmenes = multivolume set.
* compuesto de varias palabras = multi-word.
* compuesto de varios países = multi-country [multicountry].
* concepto expresado con varias palabras = database host.
* con varias alas = multi-wing [multiwing].
* con varias estaciones de trabajo = multi-workstation.
* con varias plantas = multi-storey [multistorey/multistory].
* con varias sedes = multi-site [multisite].
* con varios edificios = multi-site [multisite].
* con varios lectores de cintas = multi-drive.
* con varios núcleos = multi-core.
* con varios pisos = multi-storey [multistorey/multistory].
* curso que abarca varias disciplinas = umbrella course.
* de hace varios siglos = centuries-old.
* descriptor compuesto de varias palabras = multiple-word descriptor.
* desde hace varios años + Presente = for several years + Pretérito Perfecto.
* de varias categorías = multi-category.
* de varias especialidades = multispeciality [multi-speciality].
* de varios autores = multi-author.
* de varios billones = multibillion [multi billion].
* de varios billones de dólares = multibillion dollar.
* de varios colores = multi-coloured [multicoloured] ; multi-colour [multi-color, -USA].
* de varios estados = multi-state [multistate].
* de varios millones = multi-million [multimillion].
* de varios núcleos = multi-core.
* de varios tipos = multitype [multi-type].
* dinero para gastos varios = out-of-pocket allowance.
* distribuido en varios lugares = multilocationed.
* divagar sobre varios temas = roam over + topics.
* durante varias horas = over several hours.
* durante varios años = for a number of years ; for several years.
* durante varios meses = over several months.
* editar varias veces = go into + a number of editions.
* encabezamiento compuesto de varias palabras = multi-word heading.
* en el transcurso de varios meses = over several months.
* entre varias bibliotecas = cross-library.
* entre varias instituciones = inter-institutionally [interinstitutionally].
* entre varias lenguas = cross-lingual.
* entre varios países = multi-country [multicountry].
* en varias disciplinas = cross-domain.
* en varias etapas = multistage [multi-stage] ; multi-step.
* en varias lenguas = cross-lingual ; cross-language ; multilingually.
* en varias ocasiones = on several occasions.
* en varias partes = multi-part [multipart].
* en varias plantas = multi-storey [multistorey/multistory].
* en varias sedes = multi-site [multisite].
* en varios alfabetos = multiscript [multi-script].
* en varios ficheros = cross-file [crossfile].
* en varios formatos = multiform.
* en varios pasos = multi-step.
* en varios sentidos = in several respects ; in various respects.
* en varios sistemas = cross-system.
* en varios volúmenes = multi-volume [multivolume].
* escrito por varios autores = multiauthored [multi-authored].
* gastos varios = out-of-pocket costs.
* hacer varias copias de Algo = reproduce in + multiple copies.
* hace varios años = several years ago.
* monografía en varios volúmenes = multi-part item ; multi-volume monograph.
* nombre compuesto por varias palabras = multiple-word name.
* obra en varios volúmenes = multi-volume work.
* por varias razones = for a variety of reasons ; for a number of reasons ; for one reason or another ; for one reason or another ; for some reason or another.
* por varios motivos = for a number of reasons ; for one reason or another ; for some reason or another.
* procesador de varios núcleos = multi-core processor.
* que afecta a varias edades = cross-age [cross age].
* que afecta a varias generaciones = cross-generational.
* relativo a varias edades = cross-age [cross age].
* ser uno de entre varios + Nombre = be one of a number of + Nombre.
* sistema bibliotecario de bibliotecas de varios tipos = multitype library system.
* una de varios = one of a variety of.
* varias veces = several times.
* varios ejemplares = multiple copies.
* visita con conferencia a varios lugares de un país = lecture tour.

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