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neighboring, in the area of; close to; in the vicinity of
neighbor, one who lives in a nearby house; resident; citizen




(n.) = neighbour [neighbor, -USA] ; neighbouring [neighboring, -USA] ; resident.
Ex: Following our examples, the neighbors decide that they can provide the lower-cost food service to the wider community by buying in even larger quantities, and in the process make a profit for themselves.
Ex: The philosophical, brooding Hippopotamians have suffered many attacks by the neighbouring Crocs who are well known for their purposefulness and efficiency.
Ex: Since they were operated as part of the local authority, they achieved little credibility with residents.
* amabilidad entre vecinos = over-the-fence friendliness.
* asociación de vecinos = residents' association ; urban residents' association ; neighbourhood association.
* bloque de vecinos = residential building.
* comunidad de vecinos = housing association.
* cordialidad entre vecinos = neighbourliness [neighborliness, -USA].
* cualquier hijo de vecino = any Tom, Dick or Harry.
* de buen vecino = neighbourly [neighborly, -USA].
* edificio de vecinos = residential building.
* material documental de interés para los vecinos del barrio = community literature.
* no ser menos que el vecino = keep up with + the Joneses.
* nuevo vecino del barrio = new kid on the block.
* todo hijo de vecino = every Tom, Dick and Harry.
* vecino del pueblo = villager ; village man ; village woman.
* vecinos del pueblo = village people.
* vecinos, los = Joneses, the.

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