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twenty, amounting to 20 in number
twenty, number 20



(n.) = twenty (20) ; twentieth (20th).
Ex: Twenty years ago, I was moved by Lubetzky's document, as I was a library school student, and today I am just slightly disappointed because he has added confusion for me rather than clarity to the situation.
Ex: In order to mark the twentieth anniversary it has been suggested that a review be produced of all reports which are relevant to public librarians.
* años veinte, los = twenties, the.
* enfermedad del siglo viente = twentieth-century disease.
* pasarse veinte pueblos = go far too far ; go + overboard ; go over + the top ; go + way too far.
* veinte por ciento = two-tenths.
* veinte veces = twenty-fold.
* veinte y algo = twenty something.
* veinte y tantos = twenty odd ; twenty something.

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