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get the best of, conquer, overcome, beat

(v.) = be due ; become + overdue ; become + due ; conquer ; win ; vanquish ; win out ; prevail ; defeat ; best ; pip ; outgun.
Ex: The date due calculated by the circulation programs is always checked against the list of dates the library is closed to ensure that a document is not due when it cannot be returned.
Ex: The full fine is charged from the time the document became overdue.
Ex: A list of all subscriptions about to become due may be made by using this subfunction.
Ex: The tools and technologies provided by the Internet enable scholars to communicate or disseminate information in ways which conquer the barriers of time and space.
Ex: Those who perform in this manner can be characterized as those who would 'rather fight than win'.
Ex: The Condensed Books series holds a unique and ubiquitous book publishing franchise that has vanquished all competitors.
Ex: It remains to be seen which approach will win out, in the current tug-of-war.
Ex: The emphasis on title entry came from the specialized libraries, primarily the technical libraries, that were small but had the money and the power behind them to see that their view prevails.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Dewey Decimal system defeats Truman! Library cartoons'.
Ex: Back in 2001, the tossed salad they prepared fed some 5,000, which then bested the record held by a community in Utah in the United States.
Ex: Poland became the biggest net beneficiary from the European Union's budget in 2009, pipping Greece and Spain to the top spot.
Ex: Rebels armed with anti-aircraft guns and Soviet rifles were outgunned by the heavily armed pro-Gadhafi forces.
* divide y vencerás = divide-and-conquer.
* si no puedes vencerlos, únetes a ellos = if you can't beat them (you might as well) join them.
* vencer a Alguien en su propio terreno = beat + Nombre + at + Posesivo + own game.
* vencer al enemigo = defeat + the enemy.
* vencer completamente = beat + soundly.
* vencer el miedo = face + Posesivo + fears ; conquer + fear ; overcome + Posesivo + fear.
* vencer fácilmente = ease + past ; coast + home ; coast to + victory ; beat + Nombre + hands down ; win + hands down ; walk off with.
* vencer un obstáculo = surmount + obstacle ; conquer + barrier.

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