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salespeople, people employed to sell goods or services, salesclerks
vendor, salesman; cattleman


(n.) = salesman [salesmen, -pl.] ; salesperson [salespeople, -pl.] ; merchant ; seller ; marketer ; marketeer.
Ex: It does not sanction subsuming saleswomen under salesmen.
Ex: SALESPEOPLE AND SELLING and FIRE FIGHTERS would be specific, and the user would not have to intuit that these headings, perhaps, covered the activities of women as well as men.
Ex: A considerable amount of archival material relating to Africa, Asia and Oceania has been created by the various activities of Austrian diplomats, merchants and pilgrims since the early modern period.
Ex: The author stresses the importance for booksellers of seeing themselves as sellers of information rather than of books or other media = El autor resalta la importancia de que los libreros se consideren ellos mismos como vendedores de información más que de libros u otros soportes.
Ex: Branding is the means by which marketers differentiate their product from alternative services and products.
Ex: Their aim was to mount a spirited attack on a consumer driven and marketeers' approach to reading and books, and on relativism and populism.
* vendedor ambulante = pedlar [peddler, -USA] ; huckster ; roadside vendor ; street vendor.
* vendedor de coches de ocasión = second-hand car dealer ; used-car dealer.
* vendedor de coches de segunda mano = used-car dealer ; second-hand car dealer.
* vendedor de coches usados = used-car dealer ; second-hand car dealer ; used-car salesman.
* vendedor de fruta = fruit vendor.
* vendedor de helados = ice cream man.
* vendedor de pornografía = pornographer.
* vendedor de sistemas = systems vendor.
* vendedor de zapatos = shoe merchant.
* vendedor electrónico = e-tailer.
* vendedor ilegal de bebidas alcohólicas = moonshiner ; shiner.
* vendedor por Internet = e-tailer.

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