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green, verdant
green, color green




(n.) = green.
Ex: Then the vibrant greens of summer are muted by a cloak of white and the refuge is wrapped in the severe beauty of northern winter.
* verde aceituna = olive green.
* verde azulado = blue-green.
* verde botella = bottle green.
* verde brillante = bright green.
* verde chillón = parrot green ; bright green.
* verde de soldado = hunter green.
* verde esmeralda = emerald green.
* verde intenso = bright green ; deep green.
* verde loro = parrot green.
* verde manzana = apple green.
* verde mar = sea green.
* verde marino = sea green.
* verde militar = hunter green.
* verde oliva = olive green.
* verde pistacho = pistachio green.
* verde turquesa = turquoise green.
* verde vivo = bright green.
(adj.) = green ; verdant.
Ex: If the spot stays yellow the paper is decidedly acid; an in-between colour (green, grey, grey-green, yellow-green) indicates mild acidity; while if the spot goes purple, the paper is near-neutral or alkaline.
Ex: These areas are characterised by towering mountains and verdant valleys, atmospheric castles that dot the landscape and food and wine that will tantalise the taste buds of every gastronome.
* alerta verde = green alert.
* Cabo Verde = Cape Verde.
* color verde = green.
* dar luz verde = give + Nombre + the thumbs up ; give + Nombre + the nod ; give + Nombre + the green light.
* de color verde botella = bottle green.
* de color verde oscuro = bottle green.
* estar verde de envidia = be green with envy.
* fruta verde = unripe fruit.
* indumentaria verde = greens.
* Islas de Cabo Verde = Cape Verde Islands.
* judía verde = green bean ; runner bean ; French bean ; string bean.
* libro verde = green paper.
* manzana verde = green apple.
* menta verde = spearmint.
* poner verde = mouth off ; get + the rough edge of + Posesivo + tongue ; trash ; call + Nombre + all the names under the sun ; slag + Nombre + off ; cut + Nombre + up ; tear + Nombre + down ; slate ; rubbish ; sling + mud at ; throw + mud at ; run + Nombre + down.
* República de Cabo Verde = Cape Verde.
* República de las Islas de Cabo Verde = Cape Verde Islands.
* té verde = green tea.
* vestimenta verde = greens.
* zona verde = grassy area ; parkland area ; parkland.
(adj.) = unripe ; underripe ; unripened ; verdant ; smutty .
Ex: Unripe seeds do not have all the things they need to grow.
Ex: Underripe and overripe melons had as much as 20% less lycopene than fully ripe melons, with maturity effects dependent on the variety.
Ex: To ripen tomatoes, add a whole lime to unripened tomatoes in a paper bag and store at room temperature for a few days.
Ex: Dazed, drained of energy, and feeling suddenly that his 'most verdant years' were behind him, Stutz began yearning for spring.
Ex: His poetry's very beautiful. but it's also very smutty.
* chiste verde = smutty joke.
* estar verde = be wet behind the ears ; be a bit green ; be green behind the ears.
(adj.) = green .
Ex: Many green thinkers have recognised the potential conflict between green values and green politics and have sought to modify their position.
* energía verde = green energy.
* normativa verde = green policy.
* partido de los verdes, el = Green Party, the.
* partido verde, el = Green Party, the.
* política verde = green politics.
* verdes, los = green, the.
(adj.) = bawdy ; racy ; saucy ; ribald.
Ex: Their secondary aim was to print piratical, scurrilous and bawdy material for the people of Dublin.
Ex: Today, nudity, sex, and excessive violence are not an issue and even the raciest films would garner a PG-13 rating from the Motion Picture Association of America, and most are even tamer than that.
Ex: Although some British seaside resorts still sell saucy postcards, they are not as popular as they used to be.
Ex: About this time several of the old crones of the tribe offered their ribald advice on how the new couple should conduct themselves off in the forest together.
* viejo verde = dirty old man ; old lecher ; lecher ; lech.

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