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greens, vegetables
verdure, greenness




(n.) = vegetable ; green vegetable ; greens ; veggies ; veg.
Ex: A book for instance on 'vegetable gardening' may contain equally valuable information on 'growing tomatoes' as a book devoted entirely to 'growing tomatoes'.
Ex: Girls who were less satisfied with their weight reported lower energy intakes but ate more green vegetables and brown bread than other girls.
Ex: The cooperative's main product was fresh-cut leafy greens, but watermelons, huckleberry, gooseberry, blackberries, and grapes were also sold.
Ex: Don't microwave your veggies: new research shows that microwaving destroys up to 97% of important nutrients like antioxidants.
Ex: Eat veges and avoid cancer, says cancer researcher.
* conserva de verdura = vegetable preserve.
* fruta y verdura = fruits and veggies ; fruit and veggies.
* puesto de verdura = vegetable stand.

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