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travel, go on a journey, go on a voyage, move, go from one place to another


(v.) = travel ; journey ; trek.
Ex: Each packet includes the address of the final destination, and the packets travel separately, perhaps taking different routes through the network.
Ex: Pilgrims journeyed to the cathedral to view the Veil of the Virgin, a strip of cloth believed to have been worn by the Virgin Mary at the Nativity of Christ.
Ex: It makes sound sense to house all materials on the same subject together so that the information seeker needs to go to one place only rather than trek to half a dozen different areas to discover the books, pamphlets, periodicals, portfolios, cassettes and slides on his chosen subject.
* ansias de viajar = itchy feet.
* haber viajado mucho = be well-travelled.
* pasión de viajar = wanderlust.
* persona que ha viajado mucho = seasoned traveller.
* personas que siempre están viajando, las = those on the go.
* viajar al extranjero = visit + abroad.
* viajar a través del espacio = travel through + space.
* viajar a través del tiempo = time travel ; travel through + time.
* viajar de acompañante = ride + shotgun.
* viajar de copiloto = ride + shotgun.
* viajar en barco = sailing.
* viajar en el tiempo = travel through + time ; time travel ; time travel.
* viajar en primera clase = travel (in) + first-class.
* viajar en segunda clase = travel (in) + second-class.
* viajar hacia atrás en el tiempo = travel back in + time.
* viajar llevando un mochila = backpacking.
* viajar mucho = travel + extensively.
* viajar por = tour ; travel around.
* viajar por el espacio = travel through + space.
* viajar por el mundo = travel around + the world ; travel + the world.
* viajar por el mundo en coche = drive around + the world.
* viajar por el tiempo = travel through + time.

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