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look after, watch after, supervise over; patrol; guard; follow, trail

(adj.) = supervised.
Ex: This model can handle supervised learning and unsupervised learning simultaneously.
* fuertemente vigilado = heavily guarded.
* mantener vigilado = keep + Nombre + under surveillance.
* ser vigilado = be under surveillance.
* vigilado de cerca = under close guard.
(v.) = police ; keep + watch (upon/on/over) ; keep + an eye on ; watch over ; patrol ; stand + guard over ; stalk ; put + Nombre + under surveillance.
Ex: For many centuries local authorities have been responsible for policing Weights and Measures Acts and regulations and, where a breach of legislation was uncovered, would prosecute in the criminal court.
Ex: It is, moreover, not easy for the competent authorities to keep a careful watch upon potential breaches of the regulations precisely because the producers are difficult to recognize as publishers.
Ex: Instructors have to keep an eye always on the clock to ensure time does not run out before the essence of the case has been extracted.
Ex: Certainly the last thing we want is that books be shut up in tastefully decorated warehouses, watched over by highly trained storekeepers whose main purpose is to see that everything is kept tidily in its place and, as far as possible, untouched by human hands -- especially the sticky-fingered hands of marauding children.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Patrolling the border: a reply'.
Ex: Librarians are doomed if they are seen by their patrons as standing guard over information and seemingly barring access to it.
Ex: So Hutchins arranges her drawings in such a way that as your eye travels leftwards across the page you see the fox who is stalking the hen and trying to catch her.
Ex: This is a list of some of the prominent citizens who are known to have been put under surveillance by the government.
* vigilar Algo muy de cerca = keep + a watchful eye ; keep + a watchful eye.
* vigilar atentamente = keep + a watchful eye.
* vigilar el peso = watch + Posesivo + weight.
* vigilar un examen = invigilate ; proctor.

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