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violate, transgress, break (a law); desecrate; attack or disturb violently; rape

it violated

(v.) = be in violation of ; breach ; violate ; rape ; infringe (on/upon) ; ravish.
Ex: A 'self-help' approach, whereby libraries cooperate to boycott periodical publishers who are considered to be culpable, may also be in violation of antitrust legislation.
Ex: He defends the right to breach voluntary codes of practice so long as they are within the laws passed by country, state and city.
Ex: Women who self-promote may suffer social reprisals for violating gender prescriptions to be modest.
Ex: The second case involved a complaint by a woman claiming that she had been raped by Boston Celtics rookie, Marcus Smith, just after he broke off their three month relationship.
Ex: The Act undoubtedly has the potential to infringe gravely upon the civil liberties of UK citizens.
Ex: Who the devil did he think he was, abducting her from the ballroom and practically ravishing her?.
* violar en grupo = gang-rape.
* violar la confidencialidad = breach + confidentiality.
* violar la intimidad = invade + privacy.
* violar los derechos = invade + rights.
* violar una ley = violate + a law ; break + the law ; be in breach of + law.
* violar un derecho = infringe + right ; violate + a right.
* violar un principio = violate + a principle.

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