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smallpox, variola, contagious disease characterized by skin eruptions which often leave permanent scars

pock, smallpox

(n.) = smallpox ; pox.
Ex: Evidence is slight that books ever helped spread the epidemics of smallpox, tuberculosis, and scarlet fever that raged in US and European cities at the turn of the century = Existen escasas pruebas de que los libros ayudaran alguna vez a extender las epidemias de viruela, tuberculosis y escarlatina que se propagaron por ciudades estadounidenses y europeas a finales de siglo .
Ex: A range of pox viruses cause febrile illnesses in man and animals with a prominent vesicular rash.
* marca de la viruela = pockmark.
* marcado por la viruela = pockmarked.
* viruela bovina = cowpox.
* viruela vacuna = cowpox.
* virus de la viruela = smallpox virus.

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