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caller, visitor; frequenter; customer, client


(n.) = visitor ; sightseer ; caller ; holidaymaker ; vacationist ; vacationer.
Ex: 71 exhibitors and visitors were interviewed and results showed an alarming ignorance of the library's potential.
Ex: These gaping sightseers never took account of the difficulties of going through the shop.
Ex: It is not a counselling but an information and referral service, with most business conducted via the telephone, although the office is open to personal callers.
Ex: Forecasters hope holidaymakers will gain some respite in time for tonight's festivities, but cannot rule out frequent showers and gales.
Ex: Set against high hills that afford panoramic views of the river and its tree-covered islands, this area draws many vacationists.
Ex: The islanders, meanwhile, are crossing their fingers that Thursday's terrorist attack won't drive vacationers away.
* centro del visitante = visitor's centre.
* número de visitantes = footfall.
* visitante turístico de un día = day-tripper.
(adj.) = visiting.
Ex: Weekly press briefings on general and topical issues and press conferences are given by visiting members of the European Commission.
* equipo visitante = visiting team.

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