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visit, stay somewhere temporarily; spend time with a person or group of people


(v.) = pay + Nombre + a visit ; visit ; drop in ; pay + visit ; drop in on ; make + the rounds ; tour ; check out ; take + a trip to ; pop by ; pop in ; nip in ; jaunt ; make + a visit.
Ex: Interestingly enough, Green himself had paid a visit to the 'Manchester Reference Library' where he was shown round by the librarian, Andrea Crestadoro, now best remembered as the pioneer of permuted keyword indexes.
Ex: Interested parties can book time to visit our stores, but this is often inconvenient for them and expensive in terms of staff time.
Ex: The library needs to be developed as the focal point of the community, a place where the public can drop in for all kinds of activities, not necessarily book-related or 'cultural'.
Ex: A mobile library paid weekly visits to the workers getting the pipeline across the Volga.
Ex: I'm already planning a quick train ride to Edinburgh to see the art museums there an drop in on the Edinburgh Festival.
Ex: You may have seen the lines making the rounds of library e-mail: 'A Zen librarian searched for 'nothing' on the Internet and received 28 million hits'.
Ex: A 5-day symposium was held at Champagne Public Library and an exhibition toured the public libraries of the state.
Ex: Where problems do arise it is sensible to check out the training programme before blaming the assistant for poor performance of duties.
Ex: I have always thought that it would be neat to take a trip to Israel -- as a Christian it would be so historically mind blowing.
Ex: My wife's nephew popped by yesterday and drank us out of apple juice.
Ex: Came past this place with a group of friends and decided to pop in quickly -- we ended up staying pretty much all night and had a great time.
Ex: We were on our way to the market and decided to nip in here for a quick late lunch.
Ex: We borrowed my Grandmother's car for a few days to jaunt over to the Pacific coast.
Ex: The consequences were beginning to seep through to respondents at the time of the visits made to them and were creating a great deal of concern.
* ir a visitar = home-visiting.
* visitar a = drop by.
* visitar a Alguien = look + Nombre + up.
* visitar a un paciente = visit + a patient.
* visitar lugares de interés = sightsee ; rubberneck.
* volver a visitar = make + a return visit.

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