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vomit, disgorge, throw up

throw up, vomit

(v.) = vomit ; spew (out) ; puke ; throw up ; yack (up) ; barf (up) ; be sick ; toss + Posesivo + cookies ; belch out.
Ex: The author considers sources for two versions of a woodcut broadsheet showing Daniel in the lion's den and Jonah vomited out by the great fish.
Ex: Simultaneously, automatic gunfire spewed out from a sandbagged position west of the village across the river mouth.
Ex: The word 'puke' is sometimes considered offensive.
Ex: He fell so hard that it made him throw up and both his legs swelled and went black and blue.
Ex: I had my head in the toilet yacking up my breakfast when I heard the doorbell ring.
Ex: I hate to say this but it's true -- she looked like something that a cat barfed up.
Ex: They are there to study and knuckle down to academic work, not get drunk, be sick, miss lessons/lectures, and generally be a tax/soap dodger.
Ex: She hadn't actually tossed her cookies, but the dust of the road and the smell of the exhaust combined with the bumpy ride had nauseated her.
Ex: In the early 18th century the volcanoes in this area belched out molten lava and buried entire villages and hamlets.
* con ganas de vomitar = queasy .
* hacer vomitar = make + Nombre + sick ; make + Nombre + feel sick in the stomach.

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