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I, first person pronoun used to designate one's self

I, me


= I ; I for one.
Nota: Utilizado por énfasis.
Ex: Under 'American Scholar' he found editions published beginning, I believe, in the 1880s.
Ex: And I for one would urge that more time be given to try to fashion the best possible code since the greatest costs lie ahead of us.
* entre tú y yo = between you and me ; between ourselves.
* es lo que yo pienso = my two cents' worth.
* según yo = in my books.
* sería mejor que yo = I'd better [I had better].
* tan + Adjetivo + como tú y como yo = as + Adjetivo + as the next guy.
* yo mismo = myself.
* yo también = same here ; me too.
* y qué sé yo = and whatnot ; or whatnot.
* y yo qué sé qué más = and whatnot ; or whatnot.

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