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Zumba in English
dig; persiflage buzz, burr, drone; tingle; ring; sing; boom

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Zumba in Spanish
(pop.) Testaferro (JAS)
Mosca (JAS).

Dictionary source: Lunfardo (Argentina)
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Dictionary source: Aragonés-Castellán
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Zumba in Bulgarian
 f 1) звънче, хлопка (на кон, овен); 2) пумпал, детска въртележка (играчка); 3) прен. подигравка, присмех, насмешка, шега; 4) Кол., Ч., Гват., Пер., П. Рико бой, тупаник.

Dictionary source: Spanish Bulgarian Dictionary
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Zumba in German

Dictionary source: ADO's Spanish German Dictionary
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Zumba in English
it hums

Dictionary source: Spanish English Learner's Dictionary
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(adj.) = crazy ; mad ; off + Posesivo + knocker ; off + Posesivo + nut ; off + Posesivo + rocker ; moonstruck.
Ex: Lest it appear that Ms Marshall's committee and a few others of us, notoriously associated with that kind of work, are little more than crazy, fire-breathing radicals, let me add this gloss immediately.
Ex: When J D Brown allowed the public of Islington to have open access to the books in the 1890s he was regarded by many of his colleagues as mad!.
Ex: Every firearm hast its pros and cons and anyone who tells you otherwise is off their knocker.
Ex: A few years later Stewart went completely off his nut, staged a series of bombings, and wound up in prison after a bizarre kidnapping stunt.
Ex: I find it fascinating how Bradley can be perfectly reasonable one moment, and off his rocker the next.
Ex: 'Moonstruck' has all the fun of movies about weddings: a reluctant groom, an overeager bride, and an emotionally distraught family = "Pirados" tiene toda la diversión de las películas sobre bodas: un novio reticente, una novia demasiado entusiasmada y una familia perturbada emocionalmente .
* estar zumbado = be mental.
(v.) = whirr [whir, -USA] ; buzz ; whiz(z).
Ex: She whirred right by Bernice Washington, without saying a word.
Ex: The book they were interested in was 'Why Mosquitoes buzz in People's Ears'.
Ex: Scientist say that the mystery object from space that whizzed close by Earth yesterday was quite possibly an alien probe sent from another planet to study Earth.
* ir zumbando = whiz(z) ; zip ; bucket.
* pasar zumbando = whiz(z) ; zip + past ; whiz(z) by ; fly by ; fly + past.
* salir zumbando = bolt ; make + a bolt for.

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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