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bastard, illegitimate child, natural child, bastard slip
bastard, illegitimate, baseborn, misbegotten, spurious

"bastard; brat; offshoot, sucker"

,-çi 1. bastard (illegitimate child). 2. brat, bratty child. 3. bastard, debased, or inferior version (of something). 4. sucker, basal shoot (of a plant). –– etmek /ý/ to ruin (something that´s going well), ball (something) up, Brit. make a balls-up of (something). –– kurusu vulg. brat, bratty child (sometimes used affectionately). –– olmak 1. to be spoiled, be balled up. 2. to be done for nothing, be wasted. 3. (for food) to spoil or lose its flavor.

parent indicator code; payment in cash; person identification code; pilot in command - ana gösterge kodu; nakit ödeme; kiþi tanýmlama kodu; uçaðý idare eden pilot

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