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fuck you! [sl.], screw you! [sl.], fuck! [sl.], get fucked! [sl.], get screwed! [sl.], get stuffed! [sl.]
alternative, choice, swell
fashionable, smart, elegant, dandyish, dressy, go go, classy, stylish, chic, dandy, dapper, dashing, doggy, flash, jaunty, mod, nifty, nobby, posh, rakish, saucy, sharp, sleek, smooth, smug, snappy, snazzy, spicy, spiffing, spiffy, sporty, spruce
dense, close, thick, frequent
fuck [sl.], screw [sl.], screw up [sl.], ball [sl.]
squeeze, tighten, make fast, hold tight, grip, bore, bother, give the willies, depress, ail, chevy, chivvy, chivy, clench, constipate, constrict, crush, cumber, distress, extrude, harass, hatchel, incommode, irk, jam, load, mope, oppress, pinch

Fuck off!, Piss off!, Bugger off! cock, dick, prick, pecker "dense, thick; frequent; closely; frequently" alternative, choice seçenek, alternatif

,-ki vulg. penis, *dick, *cock.

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