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bass, basso
beginnings, head, top, knob, heading, beginning, bow, chief, coconut, costard, leader, nob, noddle, off, outset, sconce
chief, head, arch, capital, central, in chief, especial, first, foremost, general, governing, grand, initial, master, premier, primal, primary, prime, principal
step on, print, press, publish, raid, break into, attack suddenly, flood, come upon, weigh, catch, come on, flow, foray, impress, imprint, irrupt, jam, letter, sink, stamp, stencil, step, stomp, tread, tread on

"bass; bass guitar, bass" "head; chief, leader; beginning; end; top; bow; main, chief, leading, principal, cardinal"

flush mechanism of a toilet.

basic allowance for subsistence; battalion aid station - iaþe bedeli, tayin bedeli; tabur yardým istasyonu

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