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what, huh
what, whatever, whatsoever



"1. What ...?: Ne dedin? What did you say? 2. What a ...!/How ...! (used as an intensifier before adjectives): Ne biçimsiz bir masa! What an ugly table! Ne soðuk! How cold it is! 3. whatever: Ahmet ne yaparsa Ayþe beðenir. Ayþe approves of whatever Ahmet does. 4. What ...?: Bu ne kutusu? What´s this box for? Yarýn ne dersin var? What lesson do you have tomorrow? 5. used as an intensifier: Dün rüzgâr ne esti ha! Yesterday the wind blew like all get-out. 6. used to express approval or disapproval: Bu ne kýyafet böyle? And just what sort of getup is this? Bu dünyada ne anneler var! This old world has some pretty wonderful/awful mothers in it! ––ler used to indicate a quantity of things: Daha neler gördük, neler! We saw lots and lots of other things as well! Neler öðrendin? What things have you learned? ––si used to show a connection: Sen Ýsmet´in nesisin? How are you kin to Ýsmet? O adam buranýn nesi? What´s that man´s position here? ––sine? What on earth does he need ... for?: Otomobil onun nesine? What on earth does he need a car for? Altýn kolye onun nesine? What on earth is she doing with a gold necklace? –– akla hizmet ediyor? Why on earth is he doing such a thing? –– âlâ! How nice! –– âlâ memleket! What a fine kettle of fish!/What a wonderful state of affairs! (said sarcastically). –– âlem used to express a feeling of astonishment tempered with affection: Ne âlem adam! What a crazy guy! O kadýn ne âlemdir bir bilsen! That gal´s a character, I can tell you! –– âlemdesiniz? How are things with you? –– alýp veremiyor? 1. What is it he wants?/What´s he after? 2. /la/ What´s the problem between ...?: Onunla ne alýp veremiyorsun? What´s the problem between you and her? (...) –– arar! /da/ (Someone) is completely lacking in (something).: Onda para ne arar! He´s never got two cents to rub together. (Burada/Orada) –– arýyor? What´s he doing here/there?/What does he want? –– biçim used to show disapproval: Ne biçim adam yahu! What a jerk! Ne biçim sözlük! And this thing´s supposed to be a dictionary! –– buyurdunuz? What did you say? –– buyurulur? /a/ 1. What do you say to ...?/What would you say to a ...?: Soðuk bir limonataya ne buyurulur? What do you say to a cold lemonade?/Would you like a cold lemonade? 2. What do you have to say to ...? (said tauntingly). –– caný var ki? How can he do that? (He´s not got the physical strength.) –– çare! What can one do?/It´s a hopeless situation. –– çýkar? 1. What difference will it make one way or the other? 2. What´ll come of it? (Nothing!). 3. What can I/you expect to get out of it? –– çiçektir biliriz. colloq. I know what a bad lot he is./I know just how nocount he is./I´ve got his number. –– de olsa nevertheless, nonetheless. –– dedim de ...? Why on earth (didn´t I do something)?: Ne dedim de sana haber vermedim? Why on earth didn´t I inform you? –– demek? 1. What does it mean?: Bu ne demek? What does this mean? 2. Just what does it mean? (said angrily): Ders ekmek ne demek? Just what do you mean by cutting a class? –– demeye ...? 1. Why ...?: Buraya ne demeye geldin? Why have you come here? 2. used when questioning the meaning of something: O sözü ne demeye getirdi? Just what did she mean by that remark? ––ler de neler, maydanozlu köfteler all manner of strange and outlandish things. –– denir?/–– dersin? colloq. What can you say?/There´s nothing you can say. –– denli 1. ... how much .... 2. However much .... 3. My, how ...! –– dersin? colloq. What do you think? –– dese beðenirsin? colloq. You´ll never guess what he said to me./You won´t believe what he said to me./Just guess what she said!/Guess what she called me! –– diye ...? Why ...?/For what purpose ...?: Ne diye ben gideyim? Why should I be the one to go? Ne diye gideyim? What´s the point in my going?/For what purpose am I to go? –– ekersen onu biçersin. proverb You reap what you sow. –– fayda! colloq. What good can that do now?/What´s the good of it now?/It´s too late for that now. (...) –– gezer! see ne arar! –– gibi ...? Wha

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