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breath, exhalation, whiff, wind

"breath; puff, draw, drag"

"1. breath. 2. puff, draw, drag (on a pipe, cigarette). 3. instant, moment. 4. breath which has healing power (and which is blown upon the sick). 5. poem (sung by dervishes). 6. slang hashish, hash. –– alamamak 1. to be unable to breathe properly. 2. to be very busy, not to have time to catch one´s breath. –– aldýrmamak /a/ to work (someone) very hard, not to give (someone) a chance to catch his breath. –– almak 1. to breathe; to breathe in, inhale. 2. to feel relieved, breathe freely. 3. to take a short break, catch one´s breath; to rest. 4. to live, breathe. –– borusu anat. trachea. –– çekmek 1. to take a puff, draw, or drag (on a pipe, cigarette). 2. slang to smoke some hash. 3. slang to have sexual intercourse, have sex. –– darlýðý 1. shortness of breath. 2. asthma. –– etmek /a/ to blow one´s breath upon (someone) (to cure him/her of an ailment). –– kesici breathtaking, thrilling; suspenseful, suspense-filled. ––i kesilmek to be thrilled: O manzara karþýsýnda herkesin nefesi kesildi. That view took everybody´s breath away. ––i kesilmek/daralmak/tutulmak 1. to have difficulty breathing. 2. to gasp, catch one´s breath. –– nefese out of breath, panting. –– tüketmek 1. to talk at great length, talk until one is blue in the face. 2. to expend a lot of hot air for nothing, waste one´s breath. –– vermek to breathe out, exhale."

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