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intention, will, purpose, aim, resolve, design, idea, contemplation, counsel, determination, faith, intent, plan, pulse, resolution, scope, sense, thought

intention, intent, purpose, plan


",-ti 1. intention, intent, purpose. 2. Islam repetition of a formula in which one avows one´s intention to perform a religious act. 3. (a) fortune written on a slip of paper. ––ini bozmak to change one´s mind. ––i bozuk olmak /ýn/ to have something no-good in mind; to have some mischief up one´s sleeve. –– çektirmek /a/ to make (a bird or rabbit) draw a slip of paper with a fortune written on it. –– etmek /a/ to intend, mean, aim, plan (to do something). –– kuyusu wishing well. –– tutmak 1. to concentrate one´s thoughts on the matter about which one hopes to learn something (done while consulting a fortuneteller). 2. to wish for something to turn out in a certain way (when drawing lots, observing a contest)."

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