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be, happen, become, exist, occur, take place, have, mature, befall, come about, come off, come over, eventuate, fare, get, go, go on, hap, hatch, hit, turn

"suitable; reasonable; something inevitable"

1. suitable, acceptable. 2. reasonable, sensible, not absurd. 3. so-called, (someone) who claims to be ...: öðretmen olacak o kiþi that so-called teacher. 4. something that is possible. 5. the lowest price (at which a merchant will sell something). –– gibi deðil. colloq. It looks like (something) won´t happen. –– iþ deðil. colloq. It´s impossible./It´s out of the question. ––ý nedir? What is the lowest amount you´ll sell this for?/What´s the real price of this thing? –– olur. Things will turn out in the way they are fated to.

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