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master, expert, old hand, workman, craftsman, adept, artist, connoisseur, constructor, dab, dabster, hand, journeyman, proficient, shark, whizz
experienced, expert, skilled, skillful, adept, wise, adroit, deft, dexterous, facile, ingenious, intelligent, proficient, skilful, slick, subtile, versed
mind, sense, senses, reason

expert, master

"master, wizard; craftsman, journeyman; artisan; foreman; skilful, clever, dexterous, adept (at/in), adroit, competent, crack, proficient"

"1. master (of a trade or craft); master workman, skilled workman. 2. skilled; clever; expert. –– iþi the work of a master; masterly work of art."

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