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to, at
ah, o, ha, yah, gee, gee whiz, well, gosh, marry, eh

"or; especially; (but) what if; what about?, how about?"

"1. O ...!/Oh ...! (used to show strong emotion, especially exasperation): Ya Rabbi! O Lord!/O my God! Ya sabýr! God give me patience! 2. used to emphasize a rhetorical question: Bu curcunada çalýþýlýr mý ya? Who can possibly work in the midst of this bedlam? 3. you know ...: “Kimden duydun?” “Hani fizik dersimizde o sarýþýn dilber var ya, iþte o söyledi.” “Who´d you hear it from?´´ ´´You know that blonde bombshell who´s in our physics class? She told me.” “Ayþe bugün gelmedi.” “Hastaymýþ ya!” “Ayþe didn´t come today.” “Now you know we heard she was sick!” 4. used to emphasize a statement: Kör olasý paraný aldýn ya, benden daha ne bekliyorsun? You´ve gotten your damn money; what more do you want out of me? Sen beni ne zannediyorsun ya? Just who do you think I am? Söyle ya! Come on and say it! Alsana ya! Take some for heaven´s sake! Ya, demek öyle. So that´s the way it is, eh? Gelseydin ya! If only you´d come! 5. Especially ...!: Canan´ýn inceliði, iyi kalpliliði, yardýmseverliði az kiþide var; ya güzelliði! Few people are as sensitive, good-hearted, and helpful as Canan. And when it comes to looks, she puts them all in the shade! 6. What about ...?/How about ...?: New York´u haziranda severim. Ya sen? I like New York in June. How about you? Sen iyisin be! Ya ben ne yapayým? You´re sitting pretty, but what about me? What do I do? 7. And what if ...?: Nebahat onu getirir diyorsun, ya getirmezse? You say Nebahat will bring it. But what if she doesn´t? 8. Yes./Yep./Yup./You´re right./You said it!: “Hava soðuk.” “Ya, öyle.” “The weather´s cold.” “You´re right.” –– sabýr çekmek to put up with something (without outwardly complaining); to exercise forbearance."

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