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◊ noun

▪ Soya cheese

◦ chao_đèn Lamp-shade

◊ verb

▪ To dip in water and wash by rocking

◦ chao chân ở cầu_ao : to wash one's feet at a pond's pier by rocking them in the water

◦ chao rổ rau : to wash a basket of vegetables by rocking it in the water

▪ To rock, to swing

◦ con thuyền chao qua chao lại như đưa võng : the boat rocked like a hammock

◊ excl

▪ Oh

◦ chao! trăng đẹp quá : oh, how beautiful the moon is!

◊ verb

▪ To greet, to salute

◦ chào cờ : to salute the flag

◦ chào từ_biệt : to say good-bye

◦ ngả_mũ chào thầy_giáo : to take off one's hat and greet one's teacher

◦ chào chị, tôi về : good-bye madam (miss, sister...), I am going back

▪ To solicit

◦ nhà_hàng chào khách : the shopkeeper solicits customers, the shopkeeper solicits people for their custom

◦ chào_hàng : to solicit customers to buy one's goods, to solicit custom for one's goods, to cry one's wares

◊ noun

▪ Gruel, soup

◦ cháo cá : fish gruel

◦ cháo lòng : chitterling gruel

◦ màu cháo lòng : chitterling gruel coloured, dirty grey

◦ thuộc như cháo : to know by heart, to have at one's fingertips

◊ noun

▪ Rope

◦ đánh chão : to plait a rope

◦ dai như chão rách, dai như giẻ_rách : lengthy, dull as ditch water

▪ Canvass

◦ Người đi chào_hàng : Canvasser

◊ adj

▪ Promiscuous

◦ ở chạ : to live promiscuously, to live in promiscuity

◊ noun

▪ Salad of pig's underdone sliced skin and grilled rice flour and aromatic herbs

◊ noun

▪ Grilled chopped meat, grilled chopped fish, grilled chopped shrimp, shish kabab

◦ chả cá : grilled chopped fish

◦ bún chả : grilled chopped meat and vermicelli

▪ Cha ca (grilled chopped fish) is a kind of time-consuming and meticulously prepared food. To enjoy it, you will have on the table various auxiliary dishes: A small bowl of tasty Mam Tom (shrimp paste) mixed with a few drops of rice liquor and lemon juice, then carefully stirred with some added slices of hot chilly. A plate of roasted groundnuts, which are a rich brown colour following the removal of their flimsy covers

▪ Accompanying the two dishes will be a plate of pure white rice vermicelli and a plate of spicy vegetables. Finally, a stove with a pan of boiling oil on its top will be placed on the table. You will open the grilles to allow pieces of grilled fish to drop into the oil. Things are done in this way to ensure that connoisseurs receive piping hot food

▪ (khẩu_ngữ) It is because

◦ chả_là mấy hôm_nay chị ấy ốm, nên chị ấy mới nghỉ : it is because she has been ill these last few days that she has not been at work

◊ noun

▪ Pan

◦ thung_lũng hình lòng chảo : a pan-shaped valley

◦ luống_cuống như kiến bò chảo nóng : awkward like ants creeping in a hot pan; like a fish out of water

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