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Brahmanda in English
Brahmanda (Sanskrit) [from Brahma cosmic spirit + anda egg] Egg of Brahma; the imbodiment of Brahma, particularly the solar system, physical, psychological, and spiritual. The ancient Hindus "called Brahma . . . the kosmic atom. The idea is that this kosmic atom is 'Brahma's Egg,' from which the universe shall spring into manifested being, as from the egg the chick comes forth, in its turn to lay another egg. Each of these kosmic eggs or universes gives birth, after its rest period has ended, to its own offspring, each of the former derived in similar manner from its own former manvantaric egg" (Fund 494). This cosmic egg was sometimes said to be dropped by the mystic bird kalahamsa, the swan of eternity; or to be the result of Brahman's ideation {FSO 97}. See also Hiranyagarba (close word Hiranyagarbha)

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The Brahmanda Purana (The history of the universe) (, ) is one of the eighteen Mahapuranas, a genre of eighteen Hindu religious texts and has been assigned the eighteenth place in almost all the lists of the Puranas. Brahma in Sanskrit means the creator deity Brahma or by extension "the universe" coming from the root briḥ meaning expansion, and the word anda/andam meaning egg. So, Brahmanda means the "universal egg" or "cosmic germ" signifying the origin from which the universe expands.

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