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Ebo in English
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Dictionary source: Computer Abbreviations v1.5
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EBO may refer to:
  • Eisenbahn-Bau- und Betriebsordnung, German law specifying rules and regulations for railways
  • Effects-based operations, a modern military doctrine
  • Elliniki Biomihania Oplon (Hellenic Arms Industry), a Greek arms manufacturer
  • Encyclopædia Britannica Online, website of the Encyclopædia Britannica
  • Eyre Bird Observatory, an Australian ornithological research and recreation facility

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Ebo may refer to:
  • Ebo (genus), a spider genus
  • Ebo Gospels, an early Carolingian illuminated Gospel book
  • Igbo people, an ethnic group based in Nigeria, sometimes called Ebo
  • Boo dialect of the Central Teke language of the Congolese plateau, ISO 639-3 code
  • "Ebo" Is the local nickname for Eastbourne, an East Sussex town in the U.K. famous for Tommy Cooper, Eddie Izzard, Christian music publishing, Beachy Head and Tennis.

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effect based operations

Dictionary source: Military Abbreviations
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Effects-Based Operations

Copyright: © 2005-2008 European Defence Agency. ( About ) Dictionary source: European Defence Agency Acronyms
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Ebo in Arabic
سابقة بمعنى الدُّهْن

Dictionary source: English to Arabic Medical Dictionary
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Ebo in Spanish
Electronic brake-force distribution = Distribución electrónica de fuerza de frenado (automov)

Dictionary source: English_Spanish by Jaime Aguirre
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