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Alaya in English
Alaya (Sanskrit) [from a not + laya dissolution from the verbal root li to dissolve] Nondissolution; the indissoluble; used in Buddhism for the universal soul or higher portions of anima mundi, the source of all beings and things. Mystically identical with akasa in the latter's highest elements and with mahabuddhi; also with mulaprakriti as root-producer or root-nature (OG 5).
With Mahayana Buddhists alaya is both the universal soul and the spiritual self of an advanced sage. Aryasamgha taught that "he who is strong in the Yoga can introduce at will his Alaya by means of meditation into the true Nature of Existence" (cf SD 1:49-51; also FSO 98n).
The Secret Doctrine (1:49) mentions Alaya in the Yogachara system, most probably referring to alaya-vijnana, but adds that with the "Esoteric 'Buddhists' . . . 'Alaya' has a double and even a triple meaning."

Dictionary source: Rakefet
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The Eight Consciousnesses is a classification developed in the tradition of the Yogacara school of Buddhism. They enumerate the five senses, supplemented by the mind, defilements of the mind, and finally the fundamental store-house consciousness, which is the basis of the other seven.

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Alaya in Romanian
(th) baleiaj

Dictionary source: Victors - English Romanian Technical Dictionary
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