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Obst is a German language surname, which means "fruit". It may refer to:
  • Alan Obst (born 1987), Australian football player
  • Andrew Obst (born 1964), Australian football player
  • Chris Obst (born 1979), Australian football player
  • David Obst (born 1946), American literary agent
  • Erich Obst (1886–1981), German geographer
  • Henry Obst (1906–1975), American football player
  • Herbert Obst (born 1936), Canadian fencer
  • Lynda Obst (born 1950), American film producer
  • Michael Obst (born 1944), German rower
  • Michael Obst (composer) (born 1955), German composer
  • Peter Obst (born 1936), Australian football player
  • Sam Obst (born 1980), Australian rugby league player
  • Trevor Obst (1940–2015), Australian football player

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