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UPU, international specialized agency of the United Nations formed in Switzerland in 1875 that administers and governs international postal service (formerly was called "General Postal Union")

The organization which negotiates international mail charges.

A worldwide postal organization to which the United States and most other countries are members. The exchange of mail, except parcel post, between the United States and other nations is governed by the provisions of the Universal Postal Union convention. Also called UPU.

The Universal Postal Union (UPU, ) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that coordinates postal policies among member nations, in addition to the worldwide postal system. The UPU contains four bodies consisting of the Congress, the Council of Administration (CA), the Postal Operations Council (POC) and the International Bureau (IB). It also oversees the Telematics and EMS cooperatives. Each member agrees to the same terms for conducting international postal duties. The UPU's headquarters are located in Bern, Switzerland.

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Organized in Berne, Switzerland in 1874 to regulate and standardize international postal usages and rates.

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