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illiterate person, one who cannot read or write
not alphabetical, not in alphabetical order; illiterate, unable to read or write

anapodeictic \an*ap`o*deic"tic\ (&?;), a. [gr. &?;; 'an priv. + &?;. see apodeictic.] not apodeictic; undemonstrable. [r.]

Literacy is traditionally understood as the ability to read and write. The term's meaning has been expanded to include the ability to use language, numbers, images and other means to understand and use the dominant symbol systems of a culture. The concept of literacy is expanding in OECD countries to include skills to access knowledge through technology and ability to assess complex contexts.

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1. an illiterate person who does not know the alphabet
(synonym) analphabet
(hypernym) illiterate, illiterate person, nonreader
1. relating to or expressed by a writing system that is not alphabetic
(antonym) alphabetic, alphabetical
(pertainym) alphabet
2. not alphabetic; "an analphabetic arrangement of letters"; "Jesperson's system of phonetic transcription is analphabetic"
(antonym) alphabetic, alphabetical
3. having little acquaintance with writing; "special tutorials to assist the unlettered sector of society"
(synonym) unlettered
(similar) illiterate

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