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Avalokitesvara (Sanskrit) [from ava down, away from + the verbal root lok to look at, contemplate + isvara lord] The lord who is perceived; the divinity or lord seen or contemplated in its inferior or "downward-seen" aspect. The essential meaning in theosophy is the Logos, whether considered in its kosmic aspect or in its function in an entity dwelling in such kosmos. "Simultaneously with the evolution of the Universal Mind, the concealed Wisdom of Adi-Buddha -- the One Supreme and eternal -- manifests itself as Avalokiteshwara (or manifested Iswara), which is the Osiris of the Egyptians, the Ahura-Mazda of the Zoroastrians, the Heavenly Man of the Hermetic philosopher, the Logos of the Platonists, and the Atman of the Vedantins" (SD 1:110).
Avakokitesvara is the seventh principle in the microcosm, and therefore the atman or atma-buddhi; and analogically the seventh or highest principle in the universe, and hence the kosmic Logos in its macrocosmic position. There are in consequence two Avalokitesvaras: the First and Second Logos whether of the macrocosm or of the microcosm, because the First Logos reflects itself in the Second Logos, in the macrocosm, just as atman reflects itself in and works through its mirroring veil buddhi. There is an analogy with parabrahman and mulaprakriti, but Avalokitesvara is essentially the kosmic monad or First Logos on the one hand, and the human-divine monad or human logos, atma-buddhi, on the other hand. Avalokitesvara thus opens manifestation or differentiation in either case. See also Chenrezi; Kwan-shai-yin; Logos 

Avalokitesvara (Sanskrit, "Lord who looks down", , THL: Chenrézik) is a bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas. This bodhisattva is variably depicted and described and is portrayed in different cultures as either female or male. In Chinese Buddhism, Avalokitesvara has become the somewhat different female figure Guanyin. In Cambodia, he appears as Lokesvara.

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1. a male Bodhisattva; widely associated with various gods and people
(synonym) Avalokiteshvara
(hypernym) Bodhisattva, Boddhisatva

Sanskrit; Kannon (Japanese), Chen Resig (Tibetan), Kwan Um (Korean); Kuan-yin (Chinese); the bodhisattva of compassion.

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