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brincar, saltar
brinco, brinquito, saltito, salto; lúpulo; (internet) Hop, punto de conexión en los ordenadores de la red (a través de ella pasa la información de un punto al consiguiente)

lúpulo v.- brincar | saltar | viajar ens.- brinco | salto | lúpulo

(Bryonia alba) brionia, brionia blanca

(n.) = saltito, salto, brinco.
Ex: I told him about the doctor's explanation for my lack of weight loss and he did a few hops in place, excited for me that there's an explanation for not losing weight.
* bar hop = parada en un bar.
* bellhop = botones, mozo de hotel.
(n.) = lúpulo.

Def: Fermento de cereal.
Ex: Programmes covering seeds and the processing of hops may also be submitted.
(v.) = saltar, dar saltitos.
Ex: The article 'Hop, skip, and jump' reviews the range of specialist browsing tools available to beginners for navigating the World Wide Web.
* bar-hop = ir de bares, ir de copas, ir de bar en bar.
* hop on = unirse a, abordar, montarse, coger.
* hop-on/hop-off = de uso flexible.
* island-hop = saltar de una isla a otra.

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