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agregar, añadir; aglomerar; sumar, adicionar
agregado, conglomerado, conjunto, material floculado; añadidura
agregado; juntado

v.- agregar | unir | acumulars.- agregado | total | suma total | conjunto | acumulaciónadj.- agregado | colectivo | acumulado


árido compañía filial, empresa filial, corporación afiliada, compañía afiliada producto global congelador incorporado

SPA: Arido
A mixture of sand and stone. It's a major component of concrete.

(n.) = grupo, conjunto.
Ex: The result of this is to provide a distinct class number for an aggregate of subjects which are adjacent in the UDC schedule order.
(v.) = agregar, unir.
Ex: You have attempted to aggregate the UDC class number incorrectly.
* disaggregate = desagregar, separar, descomponer.

agregado, agregar

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