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hierro fundido

hierro fundido | de fundición | hierro colado | arrabio

hierro colado, hierro fundido, fundición; fuerte, duro, férreo, inflexible; sólido, convincente; inatacable (Aspidistra elatior) aspidistra

SPA: Fierro forjado
Heavy metal formed by casting on molds and covered with a porcelain enamel coating for bathtubs and lavatories.

hierro fundido

(n./adj.) = hierro fundido.

Def: Nombre y adjetivo.
Ex: In 1800, however, Earl Stanhope built a hand press with a full-sized platen in a cast-iron frame, and the problem was solved.
* cast-iron constitution = salud de hierro.
* cast-iron plant = aspidistra.

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