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calafateo; material impermeable utilizado para rellenar grietas o para unir juntas
calafatear, enmasillar, sellar con masilla

masillado, calafateo v.- calafatear, enmasillar

SPA: Silicona
Flexible material used to seal a gap between two surfaces (i.e. between bath tub and wal)l.

(n.) = enmasillado.
Ex: The final unit deal with cleaning, pointing, caulking and rendering.
* caulking gun = pistola selladora.
(v.) = tapar rendijas, tapar grietas.
Ex: The article 'Caulking the cracks: scholarly social science resources on the Web' argues that although the main body of scholarly literature is still in print the Web has to be approached as an additional research resource that has information.

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