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Affectation in English
allocation, allotment, assignment, appointement; affectation, affectedness, pose; assumption

Dictionary source: Babylon French-English Dictionary
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Affectation in English

Dictionary source: French-English Online Dictionary
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Affectation in German

Dictionary source: ADO's French German Dictionary
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Affectation in Turkish
"[la] (bir işe\yere) ayırma; gösteriş, yapmacık"

Dictionary source: French - Turkish Dictionary (M. Yildiz)
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Affectation in Italian
s. f. - 1. affettazione 2. ostentazione

Dictionary source: French Italian Dictionary
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Affectation in Persian
From Latin afficere "do to someone" from ad "to(ward)" +
facere "do, make." The root fac- in Latin, which also gave us "fact,"
"feature," and dozens of other words, goes back to the PIE root *dhe-
which also evolved into English "do." A reduplicated variant, *dhi-dh-
emerged in Greek "thesis."be (dast) dâdan (pbp.)

1 dar maqz ; fra. affect
(bar hes )asar baxšid/dâšt-an
dâman-gir šodan

2 fra. affectation
be kâr gomârdan
(barâ ye yak kâr e viža )dar negar greftan

Dictionary source: French Persian Dictionary
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Affectation in Spanish

Dictionary source: French Spanish Dictionary
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