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specific character / featurescăldură specifică = specific heat
greutate specifică = specific weight / gravity
greutate specifică fig. = share
greutate specifică fig. = proportion
rezistenţă specifică = specific resistance

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indigenous; particular; particular; peculiar; specifically

functorheat-absorbtion capacitymolal heat capacitybulk weightbottle methodspecific gravitystatementspecific capacityresistivityspecific resistancereluctivityheat capacityspecific molecular heatthermal capacityspecific heat at constant pressurespecific heat at constant volumespecific weightweight of unit volumevolumetric / volumr weightspecific dispersivityspecific volumspecific kinetic energystateenumeratespecifyproperspecificspecific dischargeelongation per unit lengthspecific pressureunit pressurelinear loadunit stressgravity separatorunit weightstereospecific polymerstereo rubberspecific consumptionextensionlistgravitational / gravity separation / settling / segregationper unit (area, length, volume)specifiedspecificationdata sheetspecificationsitemize

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