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Acabaron in English
finish, terminate, end; be terminated; conclude, bring to an end; destroy; defeat; complete, perfect; add the finishing touches; (Latin America) speak ill of; (Vulgar Slang) come, reach orgasm

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Acabaron in German
endeten;beendeten;hörten auf;endeten;beendeten

Dictionary source: ADO's Spanish German Dictionary
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Acabaron in Danish

Dictionary source: JM Spanish-Danish Dictionary
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Acabaron in English
they ended up

Dictionary source: Spanish English Learner's Dictionary
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(v.) = end ; end up ; see through + to its completion ; finish up ; finish ; wind up (in/at) ; curtain + fall ; call it quits ; lay + Nombre + to rest ; wrap up ; break up ; finish off ; top + Nombre + off ; be over ; call it + a day ; round off ; put + Nombre + to bed ; get + Nombre + done ; sign off ; be done.
Ex: Each field also ends with a special delimiter, which signals the end of the fields.
Ex: But if you have a certain feeling about language, then language ends up becoming very, very important.
Ex: I would like to thank all those who at various times throughout the course of the project assisted so ably in seeing the work through to its completion.
Ex: In trying to get the best of both worlds, we may have finished up with the worst.
Ex: Activities can be plotted to allow the librarian to determine the most expeditious route that can be taken to finish the event.
Ex: Besides, winding up in an exclusive arrangement with a distributor that has rotten customer service ruins any advantage.
Ex: The third act is of course the denouement, when everything is made clear, all the loose ends are tied up, and the curtain falls.
Ex: 'Professional people don't live by the clock: you wouldn't tell a doctor or a lawyer that he couldn't make a decision to call it quits on a particular day'.
Ex: A New Orleans style funeral provided a humorous backdrop for library staff to relive the tragedies and successes of the old system as it was laid to rest.
Ex: The article is entitled 'ACRL wraps up year 1 of Academic Library Statistics Project'.
Ex: Tom Hernandez tried not to show how sad he felt about his friends' leaving, and managed to keep up a cheerful facade until the party broke up.
Ex: His statement is a serious threat to the cooperative sector and was aimed at finishing off the movement.
Ex: Top it off with spicy yacamole and it's worth the nosh.
Ex: Alternatively, the loan policy may be changed to make documents due when the vacation is over.
Ex: If he gets in a mood over this then I think it's time to call it a day.
Ex: Klaus Ring will round off the plenary sessions with a lecture entitled: 'Are Internet and Print Products Interchangeable Reading Media?' = Klaus Ring culminará las sesiones plenarias el miércoles con una conferencia titulada: "¿Son los Productos Impresos y de Internet Soportes de Lectura Intercambiables?".
Ex: At the session on Sunday 15th, it was agreed to put to bed the non-controversial items = En la sesión del domingo día 15 se acordó dar por concluidos los puntos que no eran polémicos.
Ex: Hi all, I've been banging my head against a brick wall trying to get this done, so hopefully somebody can help.
Ex: My wife signs off most emails with 'ciao' while I use 'Peace' or 'Thanks' a lot.
Ex: When Velma was done, she looked at Beryl, bowed her head once again and started the slight ascent back to the house.
* a beber y a tragar que el mundo se va a acabar = eat, drink and be merry (for tomorrow we die).
* acabar bien = end + well.
* acabar cargando con Algo = wind up with + Nombre.
* acabar como el perro y el gato = end up at + each other's throats.
* acabar con = put + paid to ; quell ; put to + rest ; snuff out ; stamp out ; kill off ; eat + Posesivo + way through ; break up with ; be through with.
* acabar con Algo = be done with it.
* acabar con el problema de raíz = nip + the problem in the bud.
* acabar con el sufrimiento de Alguien = put + Nombre + out of + Posesivo + misery.
* acabar con la paciencia de Alguien = try + Posesivo + patience.
* acabar con la paciencia de un santo = test + the patience of a saint ; try + the patience of a saint.
* acabar con mejor cara = end up on + a high note.
* acabar con una nota de optimismo = end + Nombre + on a high (note).
* acabar con un broche de oro = end + Nombre + on a high (note).
* acabar de forma positiva = end + Nombre + on a high (note).
* acabar de + Infinitivo = have + just + Participio Pasado.
* acabar de salir de = be fresh out of.
* acabar de trabajar = clock off + work ; get off + work.
* acabar de una vez por todas = get it over (and done) with (once and for all) ; get it out of the + way (once and for all).
* acabar (el) penúltimo = finish + second from bottom ; finish + second to last ; come in + second to last ; come in + second from bottom.
* acabar (el) primero = come in + first ; finish + first.
* acabar (el) segundo = finish + second ; finish + runner-up ; come in + second ; come in + runner-up.
* acabar (el) tercero = finish + third ; come in + third.
* acabar el último = come in + last ; finish + last.
* acabar en = result (in) ; land in ; end up in.
* acabar en empate = finish in + a draw ; end in + a draw ; result in + a draw.
* acabar en primer lugar = come in + first place ; finish in + first place.
* acabar en segundo lugar = finish in + second place ; come in + second place.
* acabar en tercer lugar = finish in + third place ; come in + third place.
* acabar en último lugar = come in + last place ; finish in + last place.
* acabar las contemplaciones = glove + come off ; gloves + be off.
* acabar mal = come to + a bad end.
* acabar mejor de lo que + empezar = end up on + a high note.
* acabar paulatinamente = wind + Nombre + down.
* acabar + Posesivo + días en = end up + Posesivo + days in.
* acabar + Posesivo + vida útil = run towards + the end of + Posesivo + useful life.
* acabar primero = take + first place.
* acabar repentinamente = come to + a swift end ; come to + an abrupt end.
* acabarse = draw to + a close ; peter out ; run out ; be gone ; come to + an end ; run out of ; draw to + an end ; wind down ; be all gone ; be all over.
* acabarse el entusiasmo = run out of + steam.
* acabarse el espacio = run out of + space.
* acabarse el tiempo = time + run out ; time + be + up ; run out of + time.
* acabar segundo = take + second place ; come off + second-best.
* acabarse la buena racha = the good times + run out.
* acabarse la (buena) suerte = run out of + luck ; luck + run out.
* acabar siendo eliminado = end up on + the chopping block.
* acabar teniendo = end up with ; land up with.
* acabar un trabajo = complete + a job ; get + a job done.
* a medio acabar = half-finished.
* bien está lo que bien acaba = all is well that ends well.
* como si se acabara el mundo = like there's no tomorrow.
* como si se fuese a acabar el mundo = like there's no tomorrow.
* continuar hasta acabar = see + Nombre + to the end ; see + Nombre + out.
* cuento de nunca acabar = endless story ; never-ending story.
* dejar a medio acabar = leave + Nombre + half-finished ; leave + Nombre + half-done ; leave + Nombre + halfway through.
* dejar el trabajo a medio acabar = leave + the work half-finished ; leave + the work half-done.
* dejar el trabajo sin acabar = leave + the work unfinished.
* dejar sin acabar = leave + Nombre + unfinished.
* dejar un trabajo a medio acabar = leave + a job half-finished ; leave + a job half-done.
* dejar un trabajo sin acabar = leave + a job unfinished.
* dinero + acabarse = money + dry up.
* diplomacia + acabar = glove + come off ; gloves + be off.
* empezar a acabarse = run + low (on) ; be running out of.
* estar acabando con = eat away at.
* estar acabándose = be on the way out ; be on + Posesivo + last legs.
* financiación + acabarse = funding + dry up.
* historia de nunca acabar = endless story.
* nada se acaba hasta que no se acaba = nothing is done until it's done.
* no acabarse nunca = go on and on (and on (forever)).
* por acabar = uncompleted.
* ser el cuento de nunca acabar = never + hear + the end/last of it.
* ¡se te acabó el cuento! = the jig's up!.
* sin acabar = unfinished ; uncompleted.
* todo lo bueno se acaba = all good things (must) come to an end.
* tumulto + acabar = tumult + die.

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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