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Agitate in English
wave, flutter; excite, agitate wave, flutter; churn; convulse; fidget; toss; surge

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Agitate in English
(v.) = shake up ; stir up ; stir ; flail ; roil ; swish ; rabble-rouse.
Ex: This will shake up library managers no end.
Ex: The stuff was diluted there with water to the appearance and consistency of liquid porridge; it was kept tepid with a small charcoal furnace let into the side of the vat, and it was stirred up occasionally with a paddle.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Take 25 branches and stir gently... a recipe for success'.
Ex: The crab's mouth has elongated setae, notably on the maxilla, which it repeatedly flails through the seawater to feed on suspended material.
Ex: Financial markets, which had been roiled Tuesday by a falling dollar and soaring energy prices, recovered some of their losses Wednesday.
Ex: Swishing wine in the mouth helps you taste all the flavors in a wine.
Ex: The head of the group representing Catholic school principals in Northern Ireland accuses the first minister of rabble rousing.
* agitar las aguas = make + waves ; rock + the boat.
* agitar las alas = flap.
* agitar los brazos = wave + Posesivo + arms.
* agitar los brazos de alegría = punch + the air in joy ; punch + the air in celebration.
* agitar los puños en el aire = wave + Posesivo + fists in the air.
* agitar pancartas = wave + banners.
* agitarse = churn ; flutter ; wave ; slosh around.
* agitarse en el viento = rustle ; flap.
* agitar una bandera = wave + a flag.

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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