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Conjunto in English
joint, combined, conjunct whole; aggregate, conjunction; ensemble; chorus; union; set combine, unite, join

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Conjunto in Spanish
s. m. conxunto

Dictionary source: LeXiCoN castelán-galego
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(futb.) Igual que Cuadro.

Dictionary source: Lunfardo (Argentina)
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(de universos) grupo "Hipotético" de muchos universos con diferentes propiedades. Algunos físicos intentan calcular cuán "probables" son las propiedades de nuestro universo imaginándolo como una muestra de un conjunto de universos.

Dictionary source: Astronomía y Física de las particulas - RChA.
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Conjunto in Bulgarian
 a 1. adj 1) съединен, свързан; тясно свързан; 2) смесен; 2. m 1) съвкупност, целокупност; 2) комплект, костюм; 3) ансамбъл, трупа; en ~ общо.

Dictionary source: Spanish Bulgarian Dictionary
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Conjunto in Catalan

Dictionary source: Castilian Catalan Dictionary
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Conjunto in German
Menge / Mengenlehre / Mengentheorie

Dictionary source: Spanish German Science Dictionary
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Dictionary source: ADO's Spanish German Dictionary
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Conjunto in French
ensemble; conjoint

Dictionary source: Spanish French Dictionary
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Conjunto in Danish

Dictionary source: JM Spanish-Danish Dictionary
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Conjunto in English
adjunctive, associated, adjuratory

Dictionary source: Spanish-English Online Dictionary
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assemblage , cache

Dictionary source: Spanish-English Archaeological Terms
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Dictionary source: Spanish English Learner's Dictionary
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(v.) = go together.
Ex: One of the flaws we have seen with these show houses is that none of the rooms seem to go together.
* conjuntarlo todo = tie + the pieces together.
* conjuntar mobiliario = match + furniture.
* conjuntarse = fall into + line.
(n.) = aggregate ; aggregation ; body ; set ; cache ; ensemble.
Ex: The result of this is to provide a distinct class number for an aggregate of subjects which are adjacent in the UDC schedule order.
Ex: We should realize that a library is not simply an aggregation of discrete recorded materials; rather, it represents a collection, or more precisely collection of works.
Ex: The main body of criticism centred upon the treatment of nonbook materials.
Ex: SELECT retrieves records containing the search term or terms you specify and stores them in sets.
Ex: It is known that there were books made from bamboo and wood during the Shang dynasty (1766-1122 BC) but none remain today except caches of oracle bones.
Ex: DIANE is the name that has been given to the ensemble of available information services.
* conjunto aleatorio de lógica difusa = random fuzzy set.
* conjunto de conocimientos = body of knowledge.
* conjunto de cosas afines, el = whole schmier, the.
* conjunto de datos = data set [dataset].
* conjunto de intereses = set of interests.
* conjunto de lógica difusa = fuzzy set.
* conjunto de modelos = model base.
* conjunto de música = musical band.
* conjunto de programas = workbench.
* conjunto de valores = set of values.
* conjunto difuso = rough set.
* conjunto documental multimedia = kit ; multimedia item.
* conjunto hecho por el propio usuario = custom set.
* conjunto impreciso = imprecise set.
* conjunto integrado de protocolos = a suite of + protocols.
* conjunto musical = musical band.
* conjunto residencial = estate.
* conjuntos de lógica difusa = fuzzy clustering.
* en conjunto = altogether ; on balance ; bulk ; all in all ; overall ; overall.
* en su conjunto = overall ; together ; collective ; put together ; on balance.
* formar en su conjunto = weave + to form.
* ofrecer una visión de conjunto = provide + a picture ; provide + an overview.
* tener una visión de conjunto = get + the whole picture.
* teoría de conjuntos = set theory.
* teoría de conjuntos difusos = fuzzy set theory.
* un conjunto cada vez mayor de = a growing body of.
* un conjunto de = a set of ; a suite of ; a pool of ; an assembly of ; a pattern of ; a universe of ; a harvest of ; a complement of ; a body of.
* un conjunto dispar de = a patchwork of.
* ver las cosas en su conjunto = see + things as a whole.
* visión de conjunto = overview ; sweep.
(adj.) = collaborative ; joint ; pooled ; combined ; conjoint.
Ex: This is a truly collaborative effort involving the Council on Library Resources (CLR) as the management and funding agency and 12 participants from the research library community.
Ex: Library schools must build bridges such as joint programmes and joint professorships that link them with their parent academic institution.
Ex: A group of 64 libraries realised substantial cost reductions by joining in a pooled fund to self-insure for unemployment compensation.
Ex: The joint code was the result of the combined efforts of the Library Association (UK) and the American Library Association.
Ex: This involves revitalization of local communities to enable individuals to consciously and intelligently participate in conjoint activities and gain.
* autoría conjunta = collaborative writing.
* código conjunto = joint code.
* coeficiente de referencia conjunta = cocitation strength.
* comité conjunto = joint committee.
* de forma conjunta con = in partnership with.
* de manera conjunta con = in partnership with.
* de modo conjunto con = in partnership with.
* desarrollo conjunto = joint development.
* diseñado en conjunto = co-designed.
* edición conjunta = joint issue.
* funcionamiento conjunto = interworking.
* gráfica de referencias conjuntas = cocitation graph.
* letras conjuntas = tied letters.
* operación conjunta = joint operation.
* presentación conjunta = packaging.
* producción conjunta = joint production.
* proyecto conjunto = joint project ; cooperative venture.
* publicidad conjunta = joint publicity.
* reunión conjunta = joint meeting.
* todo en su conjunto = whole affair, the.
* trabajo conjunto = interworking.
* umbral de referencia conjunta = cocitation threshold.

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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Conjunto in Italian
insieme di cose

Dictionary source: Spanish Italian Dictionary
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Conjunto in Finnish
yhteinen, yhdistetty kokonaisuus, yhdistelmä, asennelma urheiluasu kaiken kaikkiaan, kokonaisuudessaan yhteydessä

Dictionary source: Spanish-Finnish Dictionary (Ilmo)
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